12 Clever Home Coffee Bar Ideas

11 home bar inspirations

Longing for your favorite coffee shop feel every time you wake up in the morning? You don't need a big space or an elaborate set up to create those perfect brew vibes. Fill in that little corner or nook you thought would never get used, or repurpose an existing piece of furniture in unexpected ways. Here are 12 clever coffee bar ideas to inspire the barista in you, curated by our Instagram community.

1. Natural and Airy Coffee Sanctuary

Natural and airy coffee sanctuary

Photo c/o @7.light_.

Wake up in the morning to a coffee bar that feels like a dreamy escape. The cohesive white-meets-taupe color scheme, clean countertops, minimal gear, and the incorporation of natural elements make this a sanctuary you long to spend time in throughout the day.

2. Save Counter Space with Shelving

space-saving coffee bar

Photo c/o @lancehedrick.

Save counter space by storing your gear on wall shelves. This is also a great way to display all of your beautiful wares, mugs, and books to share how serious you are about great coffee.

3. Repurpose Your Sideboard or Buffet

Repurpose your sideboard buffet

Photo c/o @dubaishutter.

What better way to refresh your sideboard or buffet than to transform it to a coffee bar. A pegboard above the buffet is the perfect way to get organized and keep smaller items close at hand, like mugs, spoons, and tampers.

4. Keep It Minimal

Go minimal.

Photo c/o @sosolife_story.

Who said your coffee bar needs to be kept in the kitchen? Your coffee gear can blend in with your minimal decor and living space by keeping the colors uniform and subtle. Desks can make the perfect coffee bar, while the drawers keep your smaller gear organized and out of sight.

5. Channel Those Cafe Vibes

Channel those cafe vibes.

Photo c/o @king_of_anything.

We love this cafe table turned coffee bar. This coffee bar set up can double up as a breakfast area or a reading nook. 

6. Small or Narrow Spaces

Small or narrow spaces.

Photo c/o @noble.vintage.home.

Turn that unused corner or narrow space into an impactful coffee nook. A small tabletop or cart, along with a narrow wall shelf, can still cleverly hold all of your essentials for your morning brew. Keep all of your mugs and spoons together in a decorative tray.

7. Up Your Bookshelf Game

The bookshelf solution.

Photo c/o @minicafe.fr.

You can turn any bookshelf into a creative way to display your coffee ware. Mix-and-match your gear with vintage pieces or fun coffee table books. It adds a fun accent to your living space and guarantees to be the center of conversation with any house guests. 

8. Transform An Old Desk

Old school wall desk.

Photo c/o @shelbyroastscoffee.

Remember those old-school desks with shelves from the 70's and 80's? Give it a makeover with a coffee brewing station and a place to display your covetable gear. The desk goes from dated to giving off those classic coffee lounge vibes.

9. A Modern Coffee Bar

Timeless coffee bar.

Photo c/o @mj_kim_12.

Make your coffee bar feel modern with a coherent white color scheme, mixed with metals and natural woods to keep it from looking stark. An all-white coffee bar provides the perfect canvas for your beautifully designed coffee gear and wall art of any kind.

10. The Coffee Bar Multitasker

The coffee bar multitasker

Photo c/o @letar.nara.

A coffee bar that doubles as a workstation? Yes please. Anything that makes coffee within your reach whenever you need to refuel during a work power sesh.

11. Repurpose Your Dresser

Repurpose an old dresser.

Photo c/o @p_____a_hira.

You will never look at dressers the same way again. We love how this versatile furniture piece gives you "countertop" space to brew your coffee, and massive drawers to keep all your gear, accessories, coffee beans, and cups organized.

12. Built-In Coffee Bar

Built-in coffee bar

Photo c/o @irlanmp.

If you have the extra space, let your brew bar take center stage with a built-in unit. With plenty of shelving, storage cabinets, and countertop space, you can mix in natural foliage and decorative cups to display alongside your coffee essentials.

What other coffee bar ideas you have seen, or have set up in your own home? We would love to hear!

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