Brewista x Getchusomegear

Getchu a Gear Grant sponsored by Brewista

Brewista is excited to partner with getchusomegear on the Getchu a (gear) Grant initiative. Founded by Chris McAuley, getchusomegear is a grassroots organization collecting coffee gear to distribute to marginalized coffee professionals. Since its inception in June of 2019, getchusomegear has shipped hundreds of boxes across the United States and expanded to Canada.

Together, Brewista and getchusomegear are providing 48 new coffee business owners of marginalized identities free coffee gear bundles through the Getchu a (gear) Grant initiative. From drippers to scales to kettles, the bundles contain gear needed to outfit a cafe. We’ll spend the upcoming months introducing these amazing grant recipients to you, many of them doing radical community work (in coffee and beyond). We cannot wait for you to meet everyone.

Behold, the sample gear tower!Photo c/o @getchusomegear

Behold, the sample gear tower:

  • 8 cases of coffee smart scales
  • 300+ cupping spoons
  • Several cases of smart temperature thermometers
  • 2 huge cases of smart pitchers
  • Lots and lots of gooseneck kettles

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