#HowDoYouDuo: 2023 World Brewers Cup Finalist Garam Um

Garum Um is brewing pour over coffee with an artisan kettle.

We are honored to share this stellar pour over coffee recipe by Brewista All-Star Garam Um. As a coffee entrepreneur and competitor, he is the co-founder of Um Coffee Co. with his brother, 2023 World Barista Champion Boram Um. Garam is also the 2023 Brazilian Brewers Cup Champion and a finalist in the 2023 World Brewers Cup. Discover Garam's pour over recipe using the Tornado Duo, custom Artisan Gooseneck Kettle, X Series Server, and X Series Scale.

Watch Garam in action.


  • Add filter to the dripper and pre-wet
  • Measure 15g of your favorite coffee
  • Finely grind the coffee (28 clicks on the grinder). Add coffee grounds to the filter.
  • Warm 240g of water
  • 1st Pour: Pour 60g of water into the dripper until 30 seconds to allow coffee to bloom 
  • 2nd Pour: 80g of water, finish at 1:15
  • 3rd Pour: 100g of water, finish at 2:10-2:15
  • Enjoy!
Garum Um is pouring ground coffee into a coffee dripper.
Garum Um is pouring water with his gooseneck kettle.


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