Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away, and although we don't need a special day to celebrate the mother figures in our lives, it's always a great reminder to do a little extra for them. The last few years may have been especially challenging for them, so surprising them with something that says "you deserve to spoil yourself every once in a while" might be just what they need.

Whether you are honoring your mom, sister, a godmother, or friend, this is a great time to make sure the moms in your life are making time for themselves. So we've curated a list of self-care essentials to complement their coffee or tea rituals. In putting together this gift guide, we wanted to include brands who we have had the pleasure of working with - and love.

Atmosphere Threesixty | CALM Wellness Candle

Atmosphere Threesixty CALM Wellness Candle

Atmosphere Threesixty offers collections of wellness tools to invite you on a journey to create sacred space within, {re}connect with your inner guide, and discover the beauty of an intentional wellness routine.

Perfect for setting the mood for a fresh new day during your morning ritual, the CALM aromatic candle is a tool for cultivating a comforting atmosphere, gently grounding you to make space for more mindfulness and inner peace in your every day life.

A fresh, uplifting and sweet woodsy blend of all-natural Palo Santo and citrus to let go of the chase and be in flow.

Shop |  From $18


Atmosphere Threesixty | Sage + Lavendar Aura Mist

Sage + Lavendar Aura Restoring Mist

Also from Atmosphere Threesixty, this Aura Restoring Mist helps you find your center. Sage + Lavender helps to relax your mind so you can focus on the present. Indulge throughout the day to reset your mood and restore strength.

With aromatherapy benefits of cultivating inner peace, inducing sleep, and improving focus, and skincare benefits of restoring complexion, revitalizing, and softening - this is the perfect pampering gift.

Shop | $25

Plush Footie Socks | Silver Spun Goods

Plush Footie Socks from Silver Spun Goods

No-stink, no-germs and super cozy footie socks infused with pure silver? Yes please!

Wellness meets fashion with Silver Spun Goods' bestselling footie socks. The secret ingredient - they’ve thoughtfully infused pure silver into every single stitch of their socks, from your ankles to your toes. The silver in their SilverSpun® fiber inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and assists in killing germs, which means your socks stay remarkably fresh wear after wear. These socks are also designed to last with low-impact and natural dyes.

The sophisticated accessory to dress up cuffed pants or go casual with your favorite pair of sneakers. Bonus: The toe seam is on the outside of the socks to keep the inside smooth and comfortable.

*All orders include one FREE gift bag.

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Plush Crew Socks | Silver Spun Goods

Plush Crew Socks

The same no-stink, no-germs and super cozy design also comes in crew socks - perfect for shorts weather. What's even better is that the full line of Silver Spun socks are unisex, so they can be shared amongst family :)

Shop | $38 

Terra | Enchanted Express

Terra Dried Plant from Enchanted Express

Not the typical flower mom or suffers from allergies? This rustic and earthy design is meant for those who want to bring the outdoors in. This dried bouquet is made from real flowers that have been preserved and hand-dyed. Whether it's on the dining table, fireplace mantle or nightstand they make the perfect accent piece to any home. Best yet - they can last up to a year with no water or maintenance required.

Each bouquet from Enchanted Express is arranged by the same designers that do Southern California's most high-profile weddings and special events. So you know you're getting some of the most coveted arrangements.

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Rhea | Enchanted Express

Rhea flower arrangement from Enchanted Express

This bohemian inspired design is the ultimate showpiece bouquet. The Rhea uses striking elements of dried flowers like dried protea and tall pampas grass to create Enchanted Express's most grandiose and eclectic bouquet to date.

The bouquet consists of roses, spray roses, dried protea, preserved eucalyptus, bunny tail, preserved Italian ruscus, pampas grass, and sun palm.

Shop | $135

Natural Honey Soaps
 | Pollinator Project

Calendula Honey Soap from Pollinator Project

Handmade with no synthetic ingredients, each natural honey soap has a swirl of honey from Pollinator Project hives! These deliciously crafted soaps come in four different varieties that will help you unwind and chill: cold brew clary sage, tangerine mintcalendula honey, and vanilla bean & lavender.

The Pollinator Project is founded by Chelsea Thoumsin, a beekeeper and coffee professional who likes to find bees wherever she goes. Each year, Pollinator Project donates a portion of net proceeds to one local environmental or social cause and to one invertebrate conservation organization.

Shop | $9

Resin Tea Light Holder
 | Pollinator Project

Resin candle holder from Pollinator Project

These popular tea light holders are crafted with hand preserved, yard-foraged flowers and tidbits that are carefully encapsulated in clear resin. Each candle holder comes with one handmade beeswax tealight.

You can choose from three styles, each with a different combination of foraged elements.

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Tornado Duo Double Wall Glass Dripper
 | Brewista

Brewista's Tornado Duo Glass Dripper

This the coveted accessory for the coffee connoisseur's home coffee bar, and for someone who lives for the delicious pour-over brew.

The Brewista Tornado Duo Dripper is the world’s first sealed, double-wall glass dripper. The unique ribbed dripper slows the pour over extraction time to give your coffee a more robust and satisfying taste. With a stylish design, the tornado is an essential for every coffee lover’s toolkit.

And now, the Tornado Duo comes in a bigger 2-4 cup size. 

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Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle | Brewista

Brewista Artisan Gooseneck Kettle being used for making matcha tea.

The Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle is just not for coffee lovers.

Mastering your morning tea ritual starts with the Artisan Kettle. Brewista’s intelligent, in-house design allows for to-the-degree temperature control for perfectly brewed tea. Crafted with quality and precision, the Artisan is not only coveted by expert baristas across the globe, and but also by tea lovers craving a more elevated tea experience.

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