How To Descale Your Kettle

Caitlin Campbell is pouring water out of the Limited Edition Artisan Gooseneck Kettle in Candy Purple to make pour over coffee.

Today, we’re going to chat about a very easy way to help you brew better coffee and tea and extend the life of your electric kettle — descaling! 

Proper care will ensure years of service from your electric kettle, and that includes keeping your equipment clean and descaling when necessary. In hard water, scale from limestone content in the water may build up in your kettle. When this happens, it can affect temperature consistency and slow down heating time. To ensure optimum performance, we recommend descaling the kettle when mineral build-up is visible inside. What does mineral scale look like? It's those chalky white spots you sometimes find in your kettle.

There are many reasons why descaling can extend the life of your electric kettle, but the benefits are not limited to maintaining your equipment. It can also have a positive impact on flavor. Scale build-up in your kettle can show up in the taste of your brew. This is why we always recommend using filtered water, which is not only free from taste and odor, but also reduces the amount of scale build up.

Specialty coffee roaster and educator, Caitlin Campbell, walks through how simple it is to descale your kettle.

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