Why Use a Gooseneck Kettle For Tea

Hot water is slowly pouring out of a black artisan gooseneck kettle into a glass server filled with loose leaf tea.
While gooseneck kettles are often associated with pour over coffee at specialty coffee shops, are there benefits of using the gooseneck spout for tea? Here are seven reasons why tea aficionados are turning to gooseneck kettles to elevate their morning and afternoon tea rituals.
  1. The ability to move the water stream around the cup to gently agitate the tea leaves. Did you know that gently agitating tea leaves is a little trick that helps encourage the release and distribution of the tea chemicals that are responsible for the flavor and health benefits of tea? Controlled pours also allow you to saturate and submerge the tea leaves evenly, helping to extract those tea chemicals for optimal flavors.
  2. Spill-free water flow control. With the gooseneck spout, you can easily control the tempo of your pour, making it simpler to pour into small teaware, like the Gaiwan in gong-fu style tea, without spilling water. Controlling the flow of water can also help to refine the flavors depending on the tea you are brewing— faster pours for oolong tea and slower pours for puerh tea.
  3. Variable temperature control to bring out the best of different teas. It’s important to brew teas at the proper temperature to get the best flavor from your tea. Tea brewing temperatures can range anywhere from 140°F for green teas to 212°F for black teas. Water that is too hot can burn delicate tea leaves, resulting in a bitter cup. Water that is too cool can result in a weak, less flavorful cup of tea. The to-the-degree temperature control of the Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle allows for a perfectly brewed cup of tea.
  4. Hold the water temperature for cup-after-cup of delicious tea. With the Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle, you can relive that first cup feeling without restarting your water. The kettle maintains your desired water temperature and holds it there for up to 1 hour with its keep warm setting.
  5. Boiling speeds that even tea aficionados can enjoy. Brewista’s high-powered boil means less time waiting, and more time enjoying the perfect cup of tea.
  6. Ergonomic handle for comfort, balance and ease. The handle for the gooseneck kettle is very important, as it balances the weight of the kettle and allows for you to pour water with ease for a more elevated (and zen-like) tea brewing experience.
  7. Larger capacity means more delicious tea. The 1.0L capacity of the Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle allows you to enjoy more cups of tea— and an excuse to prolong your daily tea ritual.

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