Coffee Cocktails To Have This Winter

 Our favorite coffee cocktail recipes this winter.

Now that the holidays are over, how do we get through those cold winter days? Now is the time to try your hand at some creative concoctions. Sharpen your barista and mixologist skills at home with these tasty coffee cocktail recipes that are sure to keep you cozy (and buzzed) this winter. 

Irish Coffee Cocktail

Ok, well maybe we can't really call this Irish Coffee without the whiskey, but hear us out. We've taken pour-over coffee up a notch by combining it with our favorite Mr. Black coffee liqueur and vodka, topped with frothing milk. It's our version of Irish Coffee meets Espresso Martini. And oh-so-tasty.


6 oz brewed coffee
1 shot of coffee liqueur
1 shot of vodka
Frothed milk


Brew coffee your favorite way. Pour coffee into a short cocktail glass full of ice. Meanwhile, froth your milk. Combine coffee liqueur and vodka in a cocktail shaker. Shake and pour into the iced coffee. Top with frothed milk. Enjoy!


Russian Cappuccino Cocktail

Our Russian Cappuccino reimagined. Instead of coffee liqueur, we use freshly brewed pour-over coffee for a balanced flavor. Combined with vodka and cream, and shaken in ice, this simple cocktail is a delicious alternative to the cappuccino.


4 oz brewed coffee
1 shot of vodka
Splash of frothed heavy cream
1 cup of ice


Brew coffee your favorite way. Combine coffee, ice, vodka, and frothed cream in a cocktail shaker. Give it several hard shakes and pour into a rocks glass. And voila! Enjoy to your heart's desire.


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