Electric Appliance Policy

Brewista corded electrical appliances are designed to work with the voltages, frequencies, and plugs specific to the regions in which they are authorized to be sold.  Please visit one of our partners' websites for products designed for use outside the USA and Canada: View International Distributors

Corded electrical appliances sold in the United States and Canada operate at 110-120V, 50~60 Hz, and use type B plugs. 

DO NOT attempt to insert a power cord into an incompatible outlet. Physical compatibility of receptacles may not ensure compatibility of voltage, frequency, or connection to earth (ground), including plugs and cords. Appliance damage, electrical system damage or physical harm may result.

USE OF ADAPTERS AND CONVERTERS: A travel adapter only modifies the plug so that the device can be connected to the outlet; travel adapters do not buffer electricity to the device. Plugging any appliance into a power source for which it is not rated, with or without any adapter or converter is dangerous and may cause damage to the electrical system and/or the appliance itself and may cause a fire. The use of an adapter or converter voids the manufacturer’s warranty.