The new Brewista

We have a progressive and improved new look! Did you notice?

The brand has gone through an internal restructuring that resulted in a hiatus in our supply of products to the North American markets. We have now re-tooled our product line and distribution channels to offer our customers the same trusted brand products but through a new and improved distribution channel.

We are the same brand offering the same high quality coffee products that we've sold around the world. In February 2020, we decided to stop selling Brewista products in the Untied States, and the Americas, through Brewista, Inc. in Wyoming (which has since changed its name to Alliance Brew Gear, Inc). We are not affiliated with these aforementioned companies.

During the hiatus over the spring and summer 2020, we revamped our product line and setup an improved distribution channel to better serve our customers.

We are not currently offering Cold Pro products, but we are looking at other options in the cold brew arena.

To ensure that our customers receive only high quality, authentic Brewista products, our warranty only applies to products purchased from an authorized Brewista seller.

To find out if you purchased an authentic Brewista product from an authorized seller, please complete this FORM


At this time you can not purchase 220v products in the United States. Please visit our Global distribution page here and search for your specific country or region.

DISCLAIMER* PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND FULLY*  We can not offer refunds or honor warranties for any product(s) purchased from the North American store that is used or taken outside the North American region. This includes but is not limited to products ordered and paid for from North American addresses and shipped to North American addresses to be forwarded outside North America. If 220v is required or you are located outside North America, please use our global director to buy from one of our authorized distributors.

For all product inquiries about NutraMilk please visit the website at www.thenutramilk.com or reach out to customer support at info[@]thenutramilk.com.

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Artisan Kettle FAQ

The likely culprit is a blown thermal fuse. This is generally caused by running the kettle without water in it. Make sure to only run the kettle with water in it.

On the Brewista water kettles there is a silicon ring in the bottom where the temperature probe goes through the base. No plastic touches the water anywhere in the kettle.

If you fill your kettle less than 500ml than the water temperature control will not be as accurate. We depend on a certain volume of water to allow for moving the temperature up and down one degree. Without enough thermal mass to absorb the heat generated with each heating cycle, it is easier to over shoot the set temperature by 1 or 2 degrees. 

Boiling time is greatly influenced by elevation, but typically a switched kettle will go to boil in under 5 minutes with 1.0L of water. At higher elevations water boils at lower temperatures. Please refer to the "High Altitude Users" graph in the owner’s manual of any Brewista kettle.

Brewista products are sold worldwide. Different countries have different power supplies and the appropriate kettles and power cords are sold in each country in which Brewista has distribution.

For countries with voltage ranging from 110-127V 

◦ Rated voltage: 120 V ~60 Hz 

◦ Rated current: 10A 

◦ Rated power input: 1200W 

◦ Capacity: Max. 33.814oz (1.0L)

For countries with voltage ranging from 220-240V 

◦ Rated voltage: 220-240 V ~50/60 Hz 

◦ Rated power input: 1500W 

◦ Capacity: Max. 33.814 (1.2L)

Brewista variable temperature kettles have extremely accurate temperature controls. This requires a very clean power source to maintain accuracy. The kettles will work with 50 Hz or 60 Hz but must have cleaner power than is possible to get from a transformer. You should only use the correct voltage kettle for your local power source.

It is a requirement for any kettle that bears the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) seal (as all Brewista kettles do) to automatically shut off the keep warm feature when the kettle is removed from the base. This is a required safety measure to prevent users from heating an empty kettle. It is not possible to disable this safety function.

To restart the keep warm function, simply press the Keep Warm button once the kettle has been returned to the base.

Brewista variable temperature kettles are designed to stop the temperature increase once water boils. While it is possible to set the desired temperature to one that is higher than the boiling point for your elevation, the kettle will not exceed boiling. This is a safety feature. The reason that the available temperature range goes up to 212° is to accommodate users at lower elevations where a higher temperature is required to reach a boil.

The logic for all kettles is first developed in C (Celsius). The conversion for C to F (fahrenheit) is NOT an even ratio. For example, 90 C is equal to 194. However, 91 C is equal to 195.8 which rounded up is 196. Instead of creating an entirely separate piece of logic for 110v markets, we just added a read out that is a “rough” translation. The kettle is still reading in C but displaying in F. So the Brewista kettles will allow you to set 194 as a temp, skip 195, and allow you to set 196. If you have more questions about this, please reach out to our customer support team by emailing hello@brewista.co

Smart Scale II™ FAQ

Brewista products that have an ON/OFF switch carry a one year warranty from the date of original purchase. This warranty extends only to the original consumer, purchaser, or gift recipient.  Keep the original sales receipt, as proof of purchase is required to make a warranty claim. The product must be purchased at an authorized retailer for the warranty to be valid.

There are no user-repairable parts of the Smart Scale II™ and users should not attempt to open the scale for the purpose of repairing or modifying it in any way.

The available modes on the Smart Scale II™ cannot be changed by the end user. Before bringing the Smart Scale II™ to market, we gathered feedback from 100 baristas around the world. That feedback resulted in the addition of two more modes before we released the scale to market. If there is an additional mode you’d like to have, please contact us and let us know.  Perhaps we can add it to future versions of the Smart Scale II™. A majority of the products we develop and bring to market are a direct result of our interaction with people in the brewed beverage industry. We gladly welcome feedback!

NOTE: Using the Auto-off setting will extend battery life. If the batteries drain prematurely, replace the included batteries with premium alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries will not provide long service in the scale

The Smart Scale II™ has 6 different user modes; four are programmed for espresso, one is for pour over coffee preparation, and the last is entirely manual - requiring the tare and time buttons to be pressed for those functions to happen. In the first 5 modes, the scale is programmed to tare or time automatically based on the steps associated with those modes. Please be sure to use the correct mode for your style of coffee preparation. For a complete explanation of the different modes, please see the Smart Scale II™ Quick Start Guide on the Smart Scale II™ product page of our website.

The Smart Scale II™ is extremely sensitive and accurate to within 0.1 grams. If anything on the scale platform is removed by sliding it rather than picking it straight up, the scale will register the weight of the pressure exerted by the sliding action. Please be certain to lift the shot up to remove it from the platform.

The original tutorial video that you saw has since been edited to remove the segment about washing the scale under a faucet. The Smart Scale II™ is remarkably water resistant, but washing it under a faucet is no longer recommended.

While it is possible to see underneath the platform, and for water to enter the scale, every part of the scale is sealed with a nano coating that causes water to spike on the surface.

If the scale displays "CAL" it needs to be re-calibrated. The following instructions can be found in the owner’s manual:
While the scale is off, press ON/OFF button to turn on the scale > the LCD will read "0.0g".
• Press and hold the MODE button until the display shows "CAL", then release the button.
• Press MODE button again, > "500g" will flash on the display.
• Place a 500g calibration weight onto the center of the platform.
• The LCD will read “PASS” then return to the normal weighing mode.
• Calibration is complete.

1. While the scale is off, press and hold the ON/OFF button and ZERO button at the same time. - The LCD will read “CAL” in the upper right.
2. Press the ZERO button again and the LCD will flash “500.0g”
3. Place a 500g calibration weight onto the center of the platform.
4. The LCD will read “PASS” then return to the normal weighing mode
5. Calibration is complete.

The Smart Scale II comes pre-calibrated and ready to use.  For home use customers, calibration should be performed once a year or even less frequently. Since coffee shops will likely be weighing over 50% capacity many times a day, the scales should be calibrated quarterly, or even monthly.

Calibration frequency will depend on a number of variables so everyone's experience will vary. Some of the primary factors for determining the calibration interval are:
• How often the scale is used each day 
• How often the scale is used over 50% capacity 
• How critical the measurements are (how much error is permissible) 
• How well the scale is maintained and stored

If the scale displays “Lo” it is caused by low batteries. Replace the batteries with new alkaline ones.

If the scale displays “UNST” the scale is telling you that the platform is unstable. This can occur when it is not on a level surface or too much weight has been applied. If this occurs, remove anything from the platform, turn the scale off, then on again.

Too much weight has been applied to the scale platform. If this occurs, remove anything from the platform, turn the scale off, then on again. Do not attempt to weigh anything over 2000 grams as this may damage the scale.

When the battery is fully depleted, it takes around 12 hours to charge to full capacity.  The scale comes with overcharge protection and will stop charging automatically when full. However, it is not recommended to leave your scale plugged into the charger when fully charged for excessive periods of time (i.e. more than a day or two). 

Note: It is best to start charging when there is only one bar left on the battery indicator, instead of waiting for zero bars.

Tornado Duo FAQ

Tornado Duo is made of borosilicate glass. There is no special treatment or coating. The glass is borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that contains boron trioxide which allows for a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This means it will not crack under extreme temperature changes like regular glass (i.e. Pyrex is made from borosilicate glass).


Borosilicate glass is also lead and BPA-free, making it perfectly food-safe.

Yes. We do recommend hand washing but if you need to use the dishwasher then place the Tornado Duo on the top rack only.

No, although this is the case with other double walled glass brewers, the Tornado Duo is the first of its kind. 

The temperature in most dishwashers is simply not high enough to cause this to happen with the Tornado Duo. The glass would need to be heated to 300 Celsius, then there can be expansion, enough to push out the silicone seal. Regular DishWashing machines are usually 95 to 100 Celsius.

Brewista utilizes a Purified Water Washing Process that uses 130-135 Celsius High Temperature Heat to Dry which allows us to QC each unit ahead of time to check the seal.

All that being said, although the Tornado Duo is “dishwasher safe” it’s not recommended to use the dishwasher for cleaning.

DO NOT PUT THE TORNADO DUO IN THE MICROWAVE! The gold band is a special type of “foil” and is not microwave safe.