The new Brewista

We have a progessive and improved new look! Did you notice?

The brand has gone through an internal restructuring that resulted in a hiatus in our supply of products to the North American markets. We have no retrooled our product line and distribution channels to offer our customers the same trusted brand products but through a new and improved distribution channel.

We are the same brand offering the same high quality coffee products that we've sold around the world. In February 2020, we decided to stop selling Brewista products in the Untied States, and the Americas, through Brewista, Inc. in Wyoming (which has since changed its name to Alliance Brew Gear, Inc). We are not affiliated with these aforementioned companies.

During the hiatus over the spring and summer 2020, we revamped our product line and setup an improved distribution channel to better serve our customers.

We are not currently offering Cold Pro products, but we are looking at other options in the cold brew arena.

To ensure that our customers receive only high quality, authentic Brewista products, our warranty only applies to products purchased from an authorized Brewista seller.

To find out if you purchased an authentic Brewista product from an authorized seller, please complete this FORM


At this time you can not purchase 220v products in the United States. Please visit our Global distribution page here and search for your specific country or region.

DISCLAIMER* PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND FULLY*  We can not offer refunds or honor warranties for any product(s) purchased from the North American store that is used or taken outside the North American region. This includes but is not limited to products ordered and paid for from North American addresses and shipped to North American addresses to be forwarded outside North America. If 220v is required or you are located outside North America, please use our global director to buy from one of our authorized distributors.

For all product inquiries about NutraMilk please visit the website at www.thenutramilk.com or reach out to customer support at info[@]thenutramilk.com.

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