Cupping Bowl + Silcone Lid - Set of 4

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Brewista Cupping Bowls are designed to meet cupping protocols set by the Statistics & Standards Committee of the SCA. Handmade of durable, high quality porcelain, these cupping bowls retain heat better than glass or plastic and are built to last. Each bowl includes a silicon lid to cover the freshly ground coffee.

Lighter-colored coffee will often be judged as having a lighter taste when sampled from a white or light colored cupping bowl. Brewista Cupping Bowls are glazed dark brown inside and out to negate visual taste influence!

 Interior opening diameter of 3.25” with a capacity of 8 ounces (235 ml).

  • High quality, doable porcelain bowl with lid 
  • Better heat retention than glass or plastic 
  • Dark interior to negate visual taste influence 
  • Porcelain lids to cover freshly ground coffee
  • Rounded interior bottom 
  • Handmade 

Note: Due to minor modifications and regional market differences, the actual product may differ slightly from that pictured.

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Beall
Nice solid set of cupping bowls and lids

We picked up two sets of these for cupping our roasts and they are a good solid set of bowls.

The colored interior to help reduce the impact of appearance on taste/aroma is appreciated and is something my wife is used to from her work in a commercial beverage producer's sensory lab.

We also like that the lids are silicone instead of ceramic since this makes cleanup, handling, and working through the samples pretty quick.

The only reason I take off a star is because we did not receive any care instructions with the bowls and putting the silicone lids in the dishwasher caused them to become blotchy looking. Luckily, we seemed to have received two sets of lids, so we will hand wash the ones we didn't make ugly already and use the discolored ones as coasters during cuppings.

Overall, it's a good set, and we will probably buy a few more boxes in the future as we upscale.

RNB BQT 15748 Arturo Venegas

Good quality as always!

Sam Marion
Nice cupping bowls

I like the size of the 4 cupping bowls and the darker interior. My bowls held about 235 ml of water, so I used 215 ml water and 13 grams coffee for a ratio of 16.5. Works fine, and they look good.