Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle – LIMITED CANDY EDITION

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Our stunning collaboration with 2021 UAE National Brewers Cup Champion and artist, Mariam Erin. These beautiful ombré signature kettles are a result of the design she competed with at the World Brewers Cup 2021, in Milan. "Each kettle colors on my routine reflects the flavors of the coffee that I presented.” - Mariam. 

Mastering your morning coffee ritual starts with the Artisan Kettle. Brewista’s intelligent, in-house design allows for to-the-degree temperature control for a perfectly brewed bean. Crafted with quality and precision, the Artisan is coveted by expert baristas across the globe and by coffee lovers craving a more elevated coffee experience. 

  • Ergonomic, comfort-grip handle
  • Gooseneck spout for an easier, more controlled pour
  • Electronic temperature control LCD panel
  • Flash boil and keep warm settings
  • 1.0 Liter capacity 

Note: 110V electric appliance for North America
Visit our FAQ page for troubleshooting and other Artisan Kettle info.

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Keep Warm

Flash Boil

Temperature Control

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Mariam Erin

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Art Masterpiece, Presented with Watercolor Vibrancy, described in Candy-like Flavors.

Let Mariam tour you around the beautiful flavors that you’ll experience in our collaborative masterpiece. During her 2021 World Brewers Cup Competition Routine in Milan, the coffee she presented was grown in the Chiriqui Region, known for quality, sustainability and scientific rationality. Its micro climate results in overwhelming flavors of fruitiness, vibrant acidity, and balance of very clean juicy sweetness.

"Each kettle colors on my routine reflects the flavors of the coffee that I presented.”

Hot Orange

"In aroma while at its hottest, you’ll find sweet palm sugar, lemon and white grapes, and my favorite part of this exciting masterpiece will be the layers of flavors that reminds me of a colorful artwork. When my coffee is hot, in flavors you will find peach, and palm sugar that reminds me of yellow and orange colors." - Mariam

Warm Purple

"When it gets warm, it’s red as hibiscus and purple as grapes." - Mariam

Cooling Green

"As it cools down, you’ll have that light green of lychee and white grapes, going to the aftertaste when it becomes hot and warm. Long finish of grapes juice and the aftertaste as its cools down, pineapple and peach will remain." - Mariam

Mariam demonstrates her watercolor brewing process

Candy Art Gallery

Key Features


Set the LCD to your preferred temperature scale to ensure your water is ready to brew.


We designed our kettle for all types of hot beverages, delight tea drinkers with a beautifully-steeped cup of chamomile.


Achieve mastery over your coffee ritual by controlling the tempo of your pour with our smart and stylish gooseneck handle.


Set the LCD to your preferred temperature scale to ensure your water is ready to brew.


With boiling speeds that even coffee aficionados can enjoy, Brewista’s high-powered boil means less time waiting, and more time enjoying a perfect cup of coffee.


Relive that first cup feeling without restarting your water. Maintain your desired water temperature and hold it there with the Keep Warm setting.

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Ozuna
very good

awesome kettle and looks very cool. Awesome features and very high quality

From Design to Pour, it is Everything!

The Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle is absolutely amazing! From the design, to the technology, it does everything and more! Not only does the appealing color grab your attention as you enter the space but the efficient design of the kettle and the base creates an incredible brewing experience. I love my new Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle!! It's the best!

Jackie Nguyen

this kettle is GORGEOUS!! I love it

Bianca Jarrahzadeh

Love it...Pink!

Jose Goliot
Top notch

Best kettle ever