The Best Non-Dairy Milks for Brewed Coffee

Macadamia milk is being poured into a glass of cold brew coffee sitting next to a NutraMilk processor.

This blog post was written in partnership with our sister brand Bonavita featuring the NutraMilk® Nut Processor. Photos by Florencia Tagliavini for Bonavita.

For coffee purists, full-fat milk is the best way to achieve a sweet, creamy coffee. However, if you're looking to reduce your daily fat or caloric intake, or if you’re lactose intolerant, alternative and plant-based milks may be the healthier option for you.

For any plant-based milks, stick to those that are natural and minimally processed. We especially love making fresh milk, with no additives or emulsifiers, and our go-to tool is the NutraMilk processor. Its method of making delicious, healthy nut milk from virtually any type of nut makes the once tedious process simple and fast. And as with anything, try to use the highest quality ingredients you can get, and you’ll reap the purest benefits of those foods.

Here are milk alternatives for you to try with your next cup of joe:

  • Oat milk. Its buttery texture and neutral malty flavor make for a perfect complement for your brewed coffee, giving your coffee that creamy element you crave. Oats are naturally sweet and mild in flavor too, so it won’t overwhelm the aroma of your coffee or make it too sweet for your liking. Plus, it’s packed with fiber.
  • Almond milk. The rich, nutty flavor of almond milk makes a delightful and wholesome blend without overtaking the flavor profile of the coffee. Plus ounce for ounce, almonds are one of the most nutrient-dense nuts on earth. To avoid curdling, be sure not to pour ice cold almond milk into hot coffee.
  • Macadamia milk. Macadamia milk is a favorite milk alternative at coffee shops, and for good reason. It's smooth, blends well with coffee, and has a sweet vanilla-like flavor and a light, nutty aroma. 
  • Cashew milk. Cashew milk has a milder flavor than almond milk, and is also the least nutty of the nut-based milk alternatives. Its creamy texture and natural sweetness are perfect for those who like their coffee on the sweeter side. It also has the potential to curdle, so pay attention to the temperature of your drink.
  • Coconut Milk. For some, the flavors of coconut milk can be overpowering. However, when mixed with other plant-based milks, like oat milk, macadamia, almond, or cashew, it can bring on a whole new dimension of flavor for your coffee. Be sure to use full-fat coconut milk in your concoction, as it is extra creamy and lends a light sweetness to your morning joe.

Want more inspiration on coffee drinks you can make with alternative milks? Here are delicious recipes for your next cup of joe.

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