V-spout Electric Kettle
V-spout Electric Kettle
V-spout Electric Kettle
V-spout Electric Kettle
V-spout Electric Kettle
V-spout Electric Kettle
V-spout Electric Kettle

V-spout Electric Kettle

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A classic modern look and feel with the superior design features that make it a Brewista. The V-spout kettle outperforms comparable pour over kettles by offering you a larger 1.7 liter capacity, a digital heating element and a durable stainless steel finish. It’s the perfect fit for cupping and every pour over coffee lover's kitchen.

  • V-spout mouth for controlled pours
  • Perfect for cupping
  • Smart element with keep warm and automatic shut down features
  • Heat-proof curved handle for safety and comfort
  • To-the-degree temperature control for more accurate brewing

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jason DeFuria
V Spout Kettle

I was looking for a large V Spout Kettle for a special coffee preparation. The V Kettle had all the options and the volume I needed for various applications. There were few options at this size and the function and quality were a value at the price point.

Faith Vieira
The kettle for tea and coffee enthusiasts

We've had this kettle for about 4 months now, and it is everything I could have wanted and more. I am a loose-leaf tea fanatic, and different teas require different brewing temperatures. I can't tell you how difficult that is on a standard, simple electric kettle that you turn on and it turns off only when it's hit boiling. You can ruin a white or green tea by using water that is too hot. This kettle allows you to set the precise temperature you need from 104F all the way to 212F. I appreciate this, because, believe it or not, there is a difference between water that is 208F and 212F when brewing tea.

This kettle is also good for coffee lovers. My husband makes tea in a french press, and he uses a new method to brew his coffee that requires the water to be a very specific 197F. He can easily set the temperature he needs without trying to figure out for how long he should let the water sit after it boils. I also like that this kettle is stainless steel instead of plastic, and it is all very well made. In between uses we leave it open and without any water in it.

I will say, I wish there was a way to decrease the temperature ranges like you can increase them (I know the - and + buttons exist, but that is for 2 degree increments) If you miss your temperature (like I sometimes do) you have to cycle through the temperature ranges all over again. I hardly use the keep-warm function or the timer, so I won't comment on those. Besides that one gripe, my husband and I really enjoy this kettle, and our hot beverages have never tasted better!

Caleb Radugge
Quickly becoming a big fan of brewista

I run a teahouse in Florida, and it's very hard to find a quality electric kettle that has full temp control AND holds more than 1 liter of water. Every other product I found either only used preset temps (which doesn't work for us as a Chinese style teahouse) or was too small or was made of too much plastic or had terrible reviews, etc, etc. I already purchased two small gooseneck brewista kettles for when we travel and work events and was super impressed by the product both in quality and style (I got the wooden handled ones). My only real complaint, which is minor, is that I wish it was a gooseneck, but the v neck spout is a close second. It takes a steady hand but we even make pour overs with it. Overall I will be always defaulting to these kettles. Brewista, if you can hear me, make a 1.7liter gooseneck like this, I'd never go anywhere else if you did.

All in all, no reason for anything less than 5 stars.

Ti-Yuan Wu


Almost perfect kettle with a few caveats

I've really enjoyed using this kettle over the past two weeks. I did a lot of research trying to find a kettle that had what I wanted (a notification sound once the temperature is reached, a large capacity, no plastic on the interior, good aesthetics, a keep-warm function, and a quality build). The Brewista matches these specifications (where few or no others did), though it fell short on a few things that would have made it perfect:

-The two notification beeps I would say are moderately loud, but I have missed them before because they are not super loud, and then come back to the kettle having cooled down slightly (when the keep warm function isn't on)

-the water level indication marks are on the same side as the handle, so when you're filling the kettle, they are not in front of you (unless you are holding the kettle at a weird angle or peering over the sink). It would have made more sense to put them on both sides of the kettle instead.

-it seems like it takes a little while to hit the last few degrees (e.g., from 203-206), and you can hear the heating element click on and off. I assume this is the kettle trying not to overheat the water.

-there is a count up timer feature, which only works while the kettle is off of the base. I wish instead that there were a built-in count-down timer (with notification) so I didn't need a separate timer to indicate the end of steeping/brewing for my tea and coffee. The count-up timer is a nice function when I'm making a French press and letting the grounds bloom for 30 seconds to a minute (but I also have to hold the kettle for the whole time, or find somewhere to set it down and be sure to not forget what I'm doing)

-the settings are not wholly intuitive. I had to read the guide and also show my husband how to use it; I wouldn't expect someone to be able to use it without instruction. Not a huge deal but I'll need to remember to leave instructions for friends when they house-sit.

-I wish the warranty was longer than 1 year. I think that's standard-ish for a lot of electric kettles, but for the price, I think 2-3 years would be more appropriate.

None of these things were deal-breakers for me, just little things that are slightly annoying and not enough to take off a star. These are the things I appreciate about the kettle:

-it remembers the last custom temperature you set it to, so if you brew most stuff at the same temperature, you only have to touch the on button in order for it to start. If you want to quick-boil, then you have to press just two buttons (on & quick-boil)

-It looks nice and feels like it's well made. I hope it lasts for several years.

-The handle is made in a way that it protects you from touching the hot metal; I looked at several that were designed in such a way to make it almost inevitable that you would accidentally burn yourself

-the lid fits on snugly

-it boils pretty quickly. I keep forgetting to time it, but it seems like 1 liter probably takes about 5 minutes, give or take

-it has a keep warm feature

-it pours accurately

-the temperature seems accurate, at least as compared to my digital kitchen thermometer, and the display shows the current temperature which helps to gauge how much longer it'll need to get to the right temperature