X Series Hand Grinder

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Our top of the line hand grinder has sleek modern looks and is carefully hand built by trained artisans. Expertly designed by our Q grade certified development team, the X-series is an undeniably dynamic tool to grind beans with purpose. Make the perfect cup of coffee using a wide range of grind settings for pour over, espresso and french presses. 

  • 60 grind settings
  • Z-shaped handle and custom base for smooth and effortless grinding
  • Sleek and elegant polyhedron design
  • Independent Italian steel burrs
  • Disassemble by hand and clean in seconds
  • Includes cleaning brush and air blower 

Easy to clean

Precise grind control

Military grade 5-axis milling

titanium components

Focus on top of Brewista hand grinder. Every X-Series grinder is carefully hand built by our highly trained artisans to ensure you get years of trouble free coffee grinding.


Built by artisans

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Design innovation

Effortless and precise grind control

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Every feature in the X-series is designed to make your coffee experience simple. Our Z shaped handles makes turning and grinding the perfect coarseness a breeze.
Our unique magnetic grind holder base makes collecting your coffee grind easy. With less spillover, there's less to clean!

Design innovation

Magnetic grind holder

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Premium construction

Quality Italian made burrs

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Boasting Italian burrs and a military grade exterior, grinding with an X-series is easy and precise. We used high-grade custom steel and titanium to create a grinder that’s precise, durable and modern.

Key Features

Easy disassembling

The X-series can be taken apart without tools and cleaned in minutes to ensure that it stays as good as new.

Smooth grinding

Multi-tiered burrs and ergonomic handle help achieve perfectly-ground coffee faster and easier.

Sleek and Contemporary Design

The X-series stands alone in its class with a sophisticated design that’s truly eye-catching.

Cleaning Air Blower

Help prevent leftover coffee fragments getting into the mechanism with the coffee hand blower. Keep your grinder working perfectly year after year.

Tough Exterior

As sturdy as it is fetching, the titanium-led outer case ensures long term durability and protection against knicks and scratches.

Grind Settings

With over 60 coarseness settings you have the freedom to create the grind that suits your fresh morning brew.

Brewista X Series Hand Grinder being used by an expert Barista
Brewista coffee equipment displayed in a designer kitchen
Brewista Hand Grinder and coffee measuring spoon, ready to make a perfect cup of coffee.
Expert barista measuring out coffee beans and adding them to the Brewista Hand Grinder.

The Story Behind

X-series Grinder

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